Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse

I think I saw a barbecue cook-off show on the Food Network about a month ago, and since that moment, I'd been craving BBQ and planning a return visit to Sweet Lucy's on State Road.
Sweet Lucy's (2)
I ordered a "Double the Fun" which comes with a choice of 2 meats and 2 sides. So I went with pulled BBQ chicken and pulled BBQ pork. Both were delicious, but the pulled chicken is really fantastic and moist.
Sweet Lucy's (3)
For my sides I ordered the garlic mashed potatoes and collard greens. The potatoes were real, not instant and served with a yummy brown gravy that wasn't floury or heavy. The collards were good too, but could have used a little more red pepper. I chose the cornbread instead of the dinner roll, and it was good, but my own recipe is better.
Sweet Lucy's (9)
Alison wanted to try the wings, so ordered a half dozen wings for the table to share. I had one and they were good, though I would have preferred not to have to split apart the wing from the drumstick by hand.
Sweet Lucy's (8)
When we first sat down we were in awe of the idea to have an all you can eat BBQ night, but Sweet Lucy's hosts one on Monday nights from 5:00 to 8:30. At first I thought it was too expensive, I couldn't possibly eat $17.95 worth of BBQ. Then I realized I'd just spent $17.29 on what I'd ordered that night and it was totally worth it. Since the above menu for the buffet pretty much encompasses their entire menu, it's likely to be a pretty sweet deal.
Sweet Lucy's 1 (1)
Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse is also a BYOB, so feel free to bring some beer to wash it all down.

Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse
7500 State Road, Philadelphia, PA
right off I-95, Cottman Avenue exit
Monday through Sunday 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sweet Lucy's in Philadelphia


  1. Cheryl said...
    My husband almost passed out when I showed him this post. We are putting this down on the must go to list.
    donal.h said...
    Collard greens?

    Anonymous said...
    I took your advice and went to Sweet Lucys. A long a** drive for basic que (in a not so great area). Was really expecting more

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