Friday, July 13, 2007

SOHO Pizza

I'm not the kind of girl that spends a lot of time in Old City. It's not that it's far from where I live, it's mostly the tourists during the day and the people who wear too much cologne and perfume at night that keep me a good distance away. However, there are a few restaurants worthy of the venture, and I just found a tasty pizza place to add to the list.
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On the same day that Natalie and I attempted to have lunch at National Mechanics and found it closed,(They're open Tuesday-Sunday from 5pm to 2am and I will get there soon!) we wandered around and decided that what we really wanted was gelato (see yesterday's post) But before we could have dessert we had to have something that actually resembled lunch, so we grabbed a slice at SOHO Pizzeria & Bar.
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Natalie has a pretty Midwestern palate and is picky in other ways, so her pizza options were limited and she went with a slice of pepperoni. When asked her how many thumbs up she would award to SOHO pizza she answered, "90". So there you go. Ninety thumbs up. That's a pretty intense review.
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I ordered a slice of white pizza with broccoli and tomato. It was fantastic. Crispy crust, sturdy, and lots of flavor, which sometimes white pizza lacks. Crust is really key to pizza for me, and because of the brick oven implemented at SOHO, their crust is exactly what I like. Not soggy or droopy in the slightest.

Our two slices and two drinks set us back about 6 bucks total. The restaurant is narrow, with one large table in the back and 4 or 5 bar-height tables along the length of the restaurant. On a purely personal note, the man who was making the pizzas was gorgeous and he was singing along to a Counting Crows song when we walked in. It was almost like I was in pizza heaven and I hadn't even eaten anything yet! But really, I didn't let my drooling get in the way of an objective pizza tasting. It's no Toccanellis, but this place is good.

SOHO Pizzeria & Bar
218 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 625-3955
Soho Pizza in Philadelphia


  1. Taylor said...
    I have a BIG problem with pizza crust,too. I like mine medium thickness, not greasy, not crunchy, and not floppy. I'm rarely 100% happy with pizza. Eh.
    sher said...
    Yes, pizza crust can be very tricky! Those slices look pretty darn good to me!
    Jeff E. Winner said...
    The owners of this place are close friends, so I feel bad saying this, but the crust is way, WAY better around the corner at Gianfranco's. Soho has more variety of toppings, but ultimately pizza is a bread, so it's really all about crust. And in that dept., Soho can't hold a candle to Gianfranco's.

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