Sunday, July 22, 2007

St. Stephen's Green (and Bastille Day)

Last Saturday was a beautiful day. It also happened to be Bastille Day. Living within a block of historic Eastern State Penitentiary, I was one of many who gathered on Fairmount Avenue to witness the reenactment of Marie Antoinette's beheading.

Because we were at the back of a very large crowd I couldn't really see the reenactment at all. But I did get a far-away and shaky clip of costumed volunteers launching Twinkies by the shovel-full off of the top of Eastern State. Enjoy.
Bastille Day 2007 010
After all that fun, we decided to walk a few blocks to 17th and Green and check out St. Stephen's Green the newest addition to our neighborhood. We sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, but took a peek inside as well. I'd never visited the restaurant's former incarnation, Cuvee Notre Dame, so I don't know how much work was actually done, but St. Stephen's Green is attractive inside and out.
Bastille Day 2007 016
We wanted to try something off the menu, but weren't hungry enough for dinner, so we ordered a small plate of hummus. It's color suggested roasted red pepper, but no pepper flavor was detected. It was only offensive in that it was a mystery. I tasted garlic, cumin and more garlic, but not much else.
Bastille Day 2007 015
Drinks didn't fare much better. Those in our party who ordered beer were happy. Of the three of us who ordered mojitos, two were served margaritas with mint. The waitress was fantastic through all of this, and replaced the mojitos with fresh drinks.

It's only been a few weeks, but there is promise hidden in that tasty yet mysterious hummus.

St. Stephens Green
1701 Green Street

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  1. Michael said...
    Went there once, no return planned. It was a couple months after your visit. Pizza was the only good thing among four lunches, and it has not been enough to draw me back. I did love the Cuvee, which had its own special vibe. St. Stephen's seemed a little ersatz, to me.

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