Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Some friends were coming in from the suburbs to hang out, eat and drink. I was sort of feeling like venturing into the city, but mostly feeling lazy. It was also threatening to rain, so we skipped waiting for a cab and made the quick walk from my house to Rembrandt's. I've raved before about the hummus & flatbread as well as the happy hour. But today I'm going to rave about cheese.
Bastille Day 2007 044
This is the Artisan Cheese plate at Rembrandt's. Huge right? So much more cheese and accompaniments than I would have expected for $10.95. Unfortunately for you all, my cheese palate is unsophisticated. Don't get me wrong, I love cheese. But I cannot discern between cheeses I've never tasted before, therefore I can't tell you what variety of cheese we inhaled that night. But I can tell you, I had a nice tall mojito while doing it.

In addition to three types of cheese and crackers, the plate was filled with olives, figs, oranges, strawberries, marinated mushrooms, grapes and fresh honeycomb!
Bastille Day 2007 045
This was an attempt at a close-up of the oozing honeycomb, but it seems the mojitos got the better of me that night, so all you get is this lousy blurry picture.

Rembrandt's in Philadelphia


  1. Georgia said...
    Delicious cheese and mojitos, how could you go wrong??? This place looks awesome - I am practically drooling over my keyboard (maybe I should eat lunch).
    Randi said...
    wow, looks awesome! i love cheese plates. i'll make the hike up there before i move out of the city for sure.
    sher said...
    Wow! That's some cheese plate. The honeycomb....Homer Simpson moment. Drool!

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