Wednesday, September 19, 2007

El Ranchito, Part II

Last time I dined at El Ranchito we were one of two tables and they were out of guacamole. The rest of our food was amazing, but I feel I can really gauge how much I like a particular Mexican food establishment once I've tasted their guacamole. Another visit with my roommates in celebration of my safe return from Alaska satisfied a guacamole craving.
El Ranchito 006 (1)
I wasn't a huge fan of the cheese on top of the guacamole, but I'm tempted to sum it up to a garnish error. The guacamole at El Ranchito was delicious! Garlicky and not too smooth, it was a great consistency, not thin and runny but not so thick that it broke the chips.
El Ranchito 006 (4)
I tried the shredded beef flautas. Corn tortillas filled with beef and fried until crispy. My flautas came topped with Mexican crema, a cheese similar to sour cream, but a little thinner in consistency and less tangy. I really enjoyed the flautas and the accompanying rice and beans.
El Ranchito 006
Alison ordered something similar to what I ate upon our last visit, so I neglected to take a picture, but Liz ordered a Chimichanga, which looked delicious, no? You know what else I love about this place? They serve every meal with fresh lime wedges to squeeze over the entree, the rice, the beans, or whatever part of your meal you feel needs a little zip.

We all really enjoyed our meals, drank two bottles of white wine and came away with a bill of less than $25 for our three huge dinners.

Go to El Ranchito, I'd like to see the place with a few more filled tables!

El Ranchito
2nd and Master
Philadelphia, PA 19122


  1. Rachel said...
    toni said...
    mmmm....flautas. and wine. I could have the flautas, but too bad I have to skip the wine.

    p.s. Daddy felt the baby kick yesterday for the first time. :)
    Anonymous said...
    The food is great here. this is real mexican food...I'm from California and I please to find this place after not finding anything close in Philly. This is the real deal. Try their Carnitas Burrito. Chili Releno is good too.

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