Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wild Alaska Berries

Well, I'm back from a much needed vacation. It's taken me a few days to upload all the pictures, weed out the bad ones and try to bundle them into relevant posts for Foodaphilia. I figured I'd start with my favorite Alaskan food adventure, wild berry picking.
valley with rock
I was pretty much blown away by my surroundings every time I looked around. And really, who wouldn't be?
Hatcher's Pass (17)
We drove on the Old Glenn Highway through Palmer and then up to Hatcher's Pass, a narrow and winding gravel pass through the mountains, until we reached a gorgeous valley strewn with patches of wild blue berries.
Bag of Blueberries
We picked and ate and ate some more. The sky transformed from clear and blue to dark and stormy and back again over the hours we spent sitting and picking. When we were satisfied with the amount of berries we'd saved to bring home, we made the short hike back to the car, and the long drive back to Anchorage.
Raspberries (1)
I was staying with my friend Megan and her husband who are lucky enough to have a wild raspberry bush growing in their backyard. I rose early the next morning, picked fresh raspberries for breakfast and decided to use both the raspberries and blueberries to make a homemade dessert for my hosts.
cobbler (3)
I've posted my cobbler recipe here before, so I won't repeat it in this post, but I did cut the recipe in half and baked it in a round cake pan because that's what I had at my disposal.
cobbler (4)
The berries were super sweet and juicy, making a delicious cobbler all by itself.
cobbler (1)
But a scoop of ice cream never hurt anything, did it?


  1. Taylor said...
    Alaska! The first picture is gorgeous. So many places to get to on this earth. I hope to make it to Alaska one day.
    Andy said...
    Welcome back. Alaska looks epic!

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