Thursday, October 25, 2007

Linvilla Orchard & Market

This past Sunday, Marissa, Lauren and I made the traffic-heavy trek out to Media to visit Linvilla Orchards. I was starving by the time we got there, so we decided to divide and conquer the food stands and meet back up together at a nearby picnic table to share and taste everything we picked up.
Linvilla Orchard 007
Apple fritters were delicious if not a bit greasy, but hey, this is like fair food, it's supposed to be a little greasy. Whole slices of apple were dipped in a slightly sweet batter and fried. The batter puffs up nicely and is dusted with powdered sugar before serving.
Cider Doughnut
My favorite of all the things we devoured were these cider doughnuts. Again, slightly sweet dough is spiked with cider, and fried, then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Totally amazing. I could have eaten six.
Linvilla Orchard 001
We also got an order of fresh fried potato chips. These reminded me of the fresh chips I had in August at the Alaska State Fair, but here in Pennsylvania they pour cheese on them!
Linvilla Orchard 009
After we ate our fill of fried food, we grabbed a few apple crates and went picking. It's a bit late in the season, so many trees were bare and the ground was covered in slowly rotting apples, which attracted bees. Linvilla Orchard 012Luckily, I remained un-stung and found a few trees with ripe fruit. One even landed in Marissa's pants!

If it weren't so crowded on Sunday I would have gone crazy in the Linvilla Orchard Market, which is across the road from the pick your own apples hut. Among many other things, they sold freshly baked pies and breads made with fruit and vegetables grown on the premesis.

In the end, I picked about 15 pounds of apples, and it only cost $17.99. I've already made an apple crisp, passed a few pounds on to friends and I'm thinking about trying to 'bake' some apples on the grill as soon as it stops raining.


  1. Anonymous said...
    A few weeks ago, we picked 52 pounds (organic) and paid $22. How incredible is that?

    sher said...
    The chips! The chips!!! I must have those!
    Cheryl said...
    So funny, we just made a run out to Russo's Farm for the apple cider donuts.

    Those fresh fried potato chips with the cheese on them are making me drool big time.

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