Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mercer Cafe

Mercer (2)
The Mercer Cafe is not too far off of Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond. An old roommate took me here a few years ago and I've been in love with the Mercer Cafe ever since.
Mercer (3)
A few staple omelets are always available, one of my favorities is the mushroom, onion, bacon, and cheddar. Lots of cheese and crispy bacon are cooked along with mushrooms and onions into the eggs, then folded in half on the plate. The side potatoes are nothing special, just sliced and fried on a flat top, suffering a bit from being slightly undercooked. Admittedly, I'm a bit picky about potatoes, especially breakfast potatoes. Crunchiness is necessary. Another omelet not to miss out on is one that combines asparagus, mozzerella and crabmeat. Absolutely delicious.
Mercer (4)
If you're into something sweet for breakfast, which sometimes I am, the best thing to order at the Mercer Cafe is the marscapone french toast, served with berries and syrup. The marscapone is spooned in between the warms slices of egg-dipped challah bread so that it melts and mixes with the sweet berry syrup. It's so good that I always eat too much and end up with a tummy ache. But it hurts so good, you know?

Mercer Cafe
2619 E Westmoreland Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Mercer Cafe in Philadelphia


  1. Georgia said...
    Wow, that looks like a great place! I am always looking for good breakfast spots :) Anyway, we are back and at the blog again, I just posted today and would love to hear more about the philly pot luck thing!

    Cheryl said...
    Wow, this isn't too far from where my relatives used to live in Philly. Now definitely another reason to take a trip back.
    Anonymous said...
    Check out the SABLT (Shrimp & Avocado BLT) at the Mercer Cafe. Spectacular.

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