Wednesday, October 17, 2007

National Mechanics

I finally made it to National Mechanics and it was worth the multiple attempts! It had been a long week, but I was looking forward to hanging out with a few friends I hadn't seen in awhile.
NationalMechanics (2)
We ordered the Frito Taco Extravaganza, because with a name like that, how couldn't you be curious? It's a nostalgic treat for me, bringing me back to watching my brother's little league games, where they served this dish right in the Frito's bag, covered with chili and cheese, a spoon stuck in the middle. National Mechanics cuts open the bag and loads the Frito's up with a chili loaded with beans. We all loved it.
NationalMechanics (5)
Since I was dining with meat eaters, we also ordered some wings. For me, wings are the kind of food which takes more effort than it's actually worth, but of course I tried them. I enjoyed the sauce, it wasn't overly sweet.
NationalMechanics (10)
The burger was a nice size, and served with some truly delicious steak fries. For me, a steak fry must be crispy to stand up to the thick cut of the potato. These were great.
NationalMechanics (12)
Fish and Chips was served with the same delicious steak fries. The fish was good, but after four years in Wisconsin, I'm a fried fish snob, nothing can compare.
NationalMechanics (17)
Lauren and I decided dessert was necessary, so we ordered a three layer chocolate ganache cake and, upon suggestion of our waitress, the bread pudding. This bread pudding was really good. When it was gone, I kinda wanted to order another. But I didn't. Instead, I went over to say hi to Marisa, who I recognized from her blog, Apartment 2024, as well as Fork You. She immediately introduced me to another blogger I read, Philafoodie, who asked me if I was a vegetarian, to which I answered "no", and he immediately handed me a shot of bacon vodka. Yes, bacon vodka.
NationalMechanics (19)
I went back to my table to tell my friends about the bacon vodka, and they were so intrigued we ordered a round. Here's a picture of us just before we took the plunge. (Ha ha! My friend Marissa looks scared) That's right, I followed up one shot of bacon vodka with another. Overall, it was bad. It smelled stronger of bacon than it tasted. But I still contend it's best application would be in a Bloody Mary.

Go to National Mechanics. The food is good, the decor is unique, even in the bathroom!

National Mechanics
22 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia PA 19106


  1. Taylor said...
    Hmm...I've run into you and a couple of other Philly food bloggers while out and about. Maybe we should all meet up...and eat and drink. I'll skip the bacon vodka, though.
    Marisa said...
    E, it was terrific to meet you on Friday! We definitely need to do a Philly foodblogger gathering (I'm still up for the suggested potluck and Foodie Fight). Shoot me an email (marusula at gmail) and let's get something in the works.
    JHill said...
    I'm so glad that you made it out and that you enjoyed it...
    Taylor said...
    Marisa and E - Do it! I was seriously thinking of organizing this with another Philly food blogger that I've gotten close to. We're a relatively small group, so I don't know if we need two factions organizing and thinking this thing over. I'd be glad to help and give thoughts in order to get this thing rolling. It's so interesting to find out who's behind these blogs. Fell free to shoot me an email (taylorhigh24 at hotmail dot com). I'd love to actually make this happen.
    Maris said...
    I was scared! and Bacon Vodka should NOT accompany that amazing bread pudding!!!
    Cheryl said...
    I have never seen anything like that taco dish with the Frito's. Oh my Lord. That is so bad its awesome. Sounds like a great place. So cool that you got to meet other bloggers and tackle bacon Vodka, not sure I would be so brave.

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