Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vientiane Cafe

After months (maybe even a year or so) of talking about taking me to an excellent Thai/Loatian restaurant in University City, Alison finally brought me to Vientiane Cafe on Baltimore Avenue. It's a small restaurant that utilizes their limited space well, even accomodating a large party of 10 during a busy dinner on my recent visit.
Vietiane Cafe (1)
We started with the fresh vegetarian summer rolls ($3.95). Sometimes the fresh summer roll wrapper is too chewy for me, but these are a favorite of Alison's and I enjoyed these rolls at Vientiane Cafe more than I normally do. Rice noodles, along with thinly sliced carrots, baked tofu and cucumber are swaddled inside of a fresh rice paper sheet and served with spicy rice vinegar and plum sauce.
Vietiane Cafe (2)
Another of Alison's favorite dishes is Pad Thai. The Pad Thai at Vientiane Cafe is excellent and comes with your choice of shrimp, chicken or beef. On this occasion however, I encouraged her to order something new and it payed off. The sweet basil chicken ($8.95) is a delicious mix of garlic, chili pepper, broccoli, carrots and onion in a spicy sauce. Neither of us agreed that the sauce was spicy, but that was nothing a little Siracha couldn't fix, and the sauce was full of basil and crispy vegetables.
Vietiane Cafe
The red curry is also a smart choice ($9.95). A huge bowl of steaming coconut milk red curry sauce is laden with string beans, broccoli, carrots and your chocie of meat. All entrees are served in very substaintial portions and are all reasonably priced.

Our two entrees and appetizer came to just $25 and we were stuffed!

See Vientiane Cafe's menu on Menupages.com.

Vientiane Cafe
4728 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Vientiane Café in Philadelphia


  1. Taylor said...
    Looks good. I always have a hard time not ordering my Thai favs - pad thai and massaman curry - but the basil dishes are very good, too.
    urban vegan said...
    I adore this place--but it's hard to get a seat on weekends unless you don;t mind waiting 30 mins.

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