Friday, November 23, 2007

Erawan Thai Cuisine

Erawan Thai restaurant has a new and improved menu!
Erawan Thai 010
Their old menu was pretty much two pages of thai staples, while the new menu has so much variety, I don't know I've actually read through it all.
Erawan Thai 017
Liz is a an avid sausage lover, so we decided to try this new appetizer. It was spicy and sweet and studded with cilantro.
Erawan Thai 011
We wanted to try both the steamed and fried versions of the vegetable dumplings, and the kitchen was kind enough to give us half and half on one plate. In both taste and texture I prefer the fried dumplings. The contrast between the crunchy outside and the soft stuffing was lost when the dumplings were steamed.
Alison_sisters_siam (2)
Tempura vegetables were simply prepared and fried perfectly so that the batter didn't absorb any of the oil. We wished the dipping sauce were a bit more interesting, so we added a little chili sauce and found it more suitable.
Erawan Thai 015
Fresh summer rolls are available with chicken, shrimp or just vegetables. We've tried them all and my favorite are the vegetable, mainly because I think the addition of meat distracts me from all the flavor and crunch of the veggies and tofu.
While not new to the menu, I'm a big fan of all the various Thai curries available at Erawan. The Penang curry is delicious, just the right amount of spicy and laden with red peppers and onions. Any curry at Erawan can be made with Chicken, Beef,
Shrimp or Seafood. Chicken is pictured above.
Alison_sisters_siam (5)
I'm also fond of the Massaman Curry, pictured here with huge tail-on shrimp. Potatoes and peanuts are simmered in a mild coconut curry and served with steamed white rice.
Holy Basil Supreme Vegetables
An entire vegetarian entree section of the new menu was exciting to many of my vegetarian friends. The Holy Basil Supreme was very well receieved. Broccoli, red peppers, onions, and tofu are sauteed in a basil chili sauce. Erawan also makes a version of this with chicken or beef.
Alison_sisters_siam (12)
Unfortunately, I suggest avoiding the coconut rice pudding. While we liked the presentation of four individual little bowls, the pudding was salty and tasted nothing of coconut.
Alison_sisters_siam (17)
I would suggest the banana rolls. Banana slices are wrapped in wontons, fried to perfection and served with honey and condensed milk to use as dipping sauces.
Alison_sisters_siam (18)
The fried ice cream was okay. It looked a bit better than it tasted, as the fried shell was a bit soggy.
Coconut Ice Cream
The one thing not to miss on the dessert menu is the Coconut Ice Cream. Rich and creamy with real coconut flakes, this stuff is marvelous. Since trying it for the first time months ago, I haven't been able to not order it every time I've been back.

Check out Erawan, especially if you haven't been in a while, stop by to check out their menu and sample a few new dishes.

Erawan Thai
123 South 23rd Steet
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Erawan Thai Cuisine in Philadelphia

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