Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chocolate Pecan Truffles

These truffles are intensely rich and just one satisfies a serious chocolate craving. They're easy to make, too. The recipe comes from an issue of Everyday Food.

1 cup heavy cream
1 1/2 cups chocolate chips
2 tablespoons bourbon (or any of your favorite liquors or cordials)
1 cup chopped pecans (or any of your favorite nuts)

Heat the cream over medium heat until it boils. Turn off heat, add chocolate chips and liquor of your choice. Let sit three minutes. Whisk until smooth. Transfer to a shallow bowl or dish and refrigerate for 2 hours.

truffles (3)

After the time in the fridge, use a 1 tsp measure and form balls from the chilled chocolate mixture. Chill the chocolate bals for 30 minutes.

truffles (5)

Ater the additional time in the fridge, quickly roll one ball between your hands and then in the chopped nuts. Transfer to a plate or storage container. I ran out of chopped pecans, but still had about 8 balls of chocolate left. I decided to roll them in powdered sugar and they looked really pretty. However, after a night in the fridge, the sugar absorbed the sugar and the outside turned sugar turned a bit slimy. I don't suggest powdered sugar for this recipe.

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    What could you substitute for the liquors or cordials?

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