Monday, January 28, 2008


I recently spent a significant amount of money on cookware and other necessities at the Philadelphia Area Outlets. This is a humongous new development/outlet shopping center in Limerick, Pennsylvania. I scored an incredible straight sided, 13X9 Calphalon baking dish for about 12 bucks, a silicon spatula that matches the color of our kitchen, and a set of silicon cupcake liners that I'm dying to try out. All that shopping makes a girl, and her friends, very hungry. We took a short drive to BongJung, in Collegeville.
BonJung (1)
BonJung is a BYO, so we enjoyed some Saki and a bottle of red wine. We were very hungry and started with some appetizers. First, we had edamame. Boiled in salted water and served when tender, the edamame are easy to pop out of their shells with your fingers or better yet with your teeth to maximize the impact of the salt which clings to the outside of the shell.
BonJung (2)
We also ordered the wasabi shumai. Steamed pork dumplings with green horseradish were not gummy as these types of dumplings can sometimes turn out, and had a nice kick of wasabi at the finish.
BonJung (10)
Our order was ambitious for just three of us. In addition to the appetizers we devoured, we ordered 2 rolls and 4 specialty rolls, all of which came out beautifully arranged on a gorgeous blue plate with plenty of pickled ginger and wasabi.
BonJung (6)
The lobster roll was filled with lobster tail tempura, cucumber, asparagus, and scallion served with spicy sauce. I really liked the combination of the slightly sweet lobster and the slightly sweet and crunch cucumber.
BonJung (5)
The Mudslide roll was incredibly delicious. Tuna and avocado were topped with a crunchy mixture coated in miso and a spicy sauce. I couldn't get enough of this crunchy stuff. I even ate bits of it that fell off the top roll with pieces of other rolls.
BonJung (9)
The Volcano Roll contained shrimp tempura, scallion, crunch, and avocado topped with crabmeat in a spicy sauce. This might have been my favorite. The spicy sauce on the crabmeat topping was similar to the spicy sauce on the Mudslide roll.
BonJung (14)
Finally, the Spider Roll was made with soft shell crab tempura, scallion, flying fish eggs, green leaf lettuce, and more of that spicy sauce. They call it the Spider for obvious reasons, but this was incredibly hard to eat! I ended up picking the legs off first, there was no other solution.
We ate every last piece and were totally stuffed. I wish this restaurant was closer to the city, but I will definitely return if I'm in the neighborhood to do any more outlet shopping.

50 W. 3rd Ave. #220
Collegeville, PA 19426
610.489.7023 (fax)


  1. Gina Louise said...
    Oh my god so jealous. Cookware AND sushi! Seriously e, I may just show up on your doorstep one day and never look back.

    But I did make tartiflette last night, which is basically potatoes, cheese, bacon (french bacon!) onions and wine. It was pretty delicious. And healthy! Nothing says healthy like bacon!

    I'm looking for jobs stateside, so let's count down to the end of the internship, shall we?
    toni said...
    mmmmm, sushi! And what is this? Gina coming home?? We'll keep our fingers crossed. Miss you. Baby says hi. :)
    Cookie baker Lynn said...
    That looks like a fun and delicious outing! I got silicon muffin liners for Christmas. They work really well for releasing the cupcakes / muffins, but I suspect they might be a smidge smaller than a standard muffin tin as my muffins always overflow when I use them.

    Thanks for the Elvis cake recipe. My husband loved it!
    Cakespy said...
    Looks like you ate like kings! (as opposed to "the king" of above cake fame mentioned. How delicious!
    Randi said...
    someone got me totally cute mini bunt silcone muffin thingies and although i haven't tried them yet, i love them all the same. maybe i'll take a special drive up to collegeville and check this place out.. the photos are amazing. :)
    Cristina said...
    Its a funtastic recipie my all family like this very much

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