Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aramingo Diner

Weekends are made for breakfast. You can get up early and start the day off right with and eggy breakfast and excellent coffee, or you can sleep in late and do the exact same thing. That's my favorite way to enjoy weekend mornings. Not too long ago, on a tip from a friend, I ventured to the Aramingo Diner, and it's now my go-to breakfast spot.
aramingo diner (1)
The breakfast menu isn't huge and it isn't fancy, but that's exactly the way diner food should be. I'm a fan of all their omelets, the one picture above is ham and cheese with some seriously crispy and awesome hash browns in the background.
aramingo diner
My friend J-Rye ordered a similar omelet and also a side of country sausage. One meat per meal is enough for me, but I had a small bite of this sausage and it was very tasty, and not greasy or bland the way some breakfast sausage can be.

The coffee here is also great, brewed dark and strong, just the way I like it.

Aramingo Diner
3356 Aramingo Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Aramingo Diner in Philadelphia


  1. Anonymous said...
    This diner is simple nasty. Worst food ever
    Anonymous said...
    I agree. The quality of food gets worse and worse. You def don't want to go into the diner after 11pm always fights and shootings.

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