Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Foodie Poems

A week or two back I posted a link to Featured Poems, a blog started by a friend and dedicated to creating at least a poem a day. As I was talking with the blog's author yesterday, I told him my favorites usually revolved around subjects I enjoy, mainly dogs and food, and requested more poetry on those topics.

Call it inspiration (or maybe just boredom at work) but I wrote two poems today about baking. I haven't written anything creative in this manner since high school, so take it easy on me!

Both of the following poems are in the cinquain form. Read about it here.

The Waiting Game

Still limp
from the oven
Cookies slip from the pan
Wait one minute to cool before

Can't Have Just One

Sweet spice
of my cookie
Packed with love and sugar
before the day is done I'll have
three more


  1. SN said...
    Hey, cool. I knew writing a poem a day would make a difference. Now obviously it has. To quote John Hollander, for those who want a concise form definition:

    Have lines of four
    Syllables, six, and eight,
    Ending, as starting, with a line
    Of two;

    But when
    Iambs align
    To the trained ear these seem
    To form a line of twelve, and then
    Of ten.

    In English verse
    Were devised by a bard
    Whose name (alas!) was Adelaide
    Ruby K said...
    Did not
    get the memo
    about cinquain format,
    i thought that twenty two was the
    main point.

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