Sunday, April 13, 2008

Red Velvet Bon Bon's

red velvet cake balls
I stumbled across a recipe on Bakerella for Red Velvet cake balls made with a red velvet cake mix and a can of frosting. I thought I'd try my hand at them because they looked fairly easy and I was interested in making a unique dessert for a co-worker.

I used this Red Velvet Cake recipe, but if I were to make these again, I'd use a box mix just to save some time and food coloring!

Bake the cake in a 13X9 inch pan and let it cool completely. While my cake was cooling I made a homemade cream cheese frosting. Just like with the cake, if I were to make these again, I'd probably use a container of cream cheese frosting from the store, just to save some time. (Hint: This recipe is simple, but each step requires time, considerable time. Which is probably why Bakerella used box mix and canned frosting in the first place!)

Cream Cheese Frosting

One 8 oz package of cream cheese, softened
4 oz butter, softened
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups confectioner's sugar

Cream the softened cream cheese and softened butter together in the bowl of an electric mixer, add vanilla. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and slowly add the confectioner's sugar. Beat until thoroughly combined.
red velvet balls
When the cake is completely cool, crumble it up into a large bowl, and add the entire batch of frosting to the cake crumbs. Mix until the cake and frosting have become a consistent smooth paste. I used my very clean hands for this step despite the inclusion of a wooden spoon in the above picture.
red velvet cake balls (2)
Using a spoon or a cookie scoop, form 1 1/2 inch balls and place on a cookie sheet. This process can take some time, and I'm impatient, so a number of my candies were larger than 1 1/2 inches. Chill the red velvet cake centers in the freezer for about two hours.

When chilled, melt white chocolate bark in a microwave safe bowl until melted. Quickly dip each chilled center in the white chocolate and coat completely. Place on a parchment lined sheet to let the chocolate set completely. I found this process incredibly messy and slow. I'm not an expert candy dipper, and I don't have any proper candy making tools. The chocolate in my bowl kept setting up before I could dip very many of the centers, making the coating process tedious and long.

The end result however, was extremely delicious. When a few of the candies were still drying, I sprinkled a few candy sprinkles on top. They added a nice bite and crunch to the contrast of the smooth red velvet cake center and the creamy white chocolate. I also ran out of white chocolate 3/4 of the way through, so ended up covering the rest with semi-sweet chocolate chips melted with a teaspoon of canola oil. Because of this I can attest to the fact that they are equally delicious covered in chocolate.

Store bon bon's in the refrigerator. Makes between 4 - 5 dozen.


  1. RecipeGirl said...
    So pretty! I don't think I've ever seen a box of red velvet cake mix... have you? I've heard people talk about it but have never seen it in Southern Cal.

    I've seen this recipe done with cream cheese mixed in too- but then you'd have to keep it chilled. Sounds like a fun, easy one to try!
    Grace said...
    i'm trying to build up the stamina to attempt these--dipping in chocolate never seems to work out well for me. :)
    Gina Louise said...
    I would like to eat these RIGHT NOW. All of them. The last time I made red velvet cake I did it all by scratch, but it was just one cake. When I come back I'm coming to your house just to eat these. And you know, to see you.
    Taylor said...
    I will give you the biggest hug ever if you make these for Friday...but, please, make what you want. You always make winners!
    jj said...
    Those red velvet balls look great and cream cheese frosting...sound like the perfect topper!
    daphne said...
    ooo.. I love that vibrant colour!!! Also like that it is bite size! I probably wouldn't stop at one though. LOL
    Whyevernot55 said...
    These are so. Tasty.
    And so incredibly hard to dip effectively. It took a TON of chocolate, and I succeeded in burning my fingers, getting myself, the kitchen table, and all my utensils covered in chocolate, and my balls turned out UGLY. How the heck did you manage to get them looking so nice! I'm dying to know any tricks.
    Anonymous said...
    To RecipeGirl..... I live in San Diego, they have red velvet cake mix in the box at both Stater Bros, and Ralphs. You have to look for it on the bottom shelf usually. Hope you find it!
    Anonymous said...
    To RecipeGirl... I make peanut butter ball covered in choch. They are chilled over night, then dipped. Try using paraphin wax, and white choch in a non stick pot, over low heat to keep it melted while you dip. Be careful it may be hot.
    solsista said...
    Making the delicious red velvet bon bons and you can always find red velvet cake mix in the south...Alabama etc. Yummie!

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