Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vacation Eats in the Outer Banks

I recently look a long scenic drive with my mother down the eastern seaboard to Corolla, North Carolina. Some members of my mother's family make a habit of visiting this beach community a week or two before the tourist season starts, and they were gracious enough to invite us down for the week.
North Carolina 2008 015The first morning we were there I had the best breakfast I'd had in a long time. My cousin Adam made strawberry pancakes. The batter was spiked with cinnamon and vanilla and studded with some chunks of ripe strawberry. I will definitely attempt to mimic this breakfast sometime soon.
North Carolina 2008 049
The best thing I had to eat while out shopping award goes to this soft shell crab sandwich from Northbanks Restaurant and Raw Bar. The breading was light but a bit spicy and the crab was tender, slightly salty and delicious.
North Carolina 2008 093
In the middle of another exhausting shopping trip, Mom and I shared this delightful marshmallow enrobed in sweet, salty caramel. It was super chewy, but the kinds of sticky were in contrast to each other, making for a interesting and satisfying treat to keep our shopping energy up.
North Carolina 2008 098Another day was devoted to BBQ, and of course, a little more shopping. These hush puppies came from Sooey's BBQ in the Scarborough Faire shopping center located just south of Corolla in Duck. These puppies were sweet, dense, and fried until crispy. Served with honey butter, they were the perfect precursor to our sandwiches.
North Carolina 2008 101
Mom and I each ordered a different sandwich and then split them in half to share. That's one of the best things about traveling with a good eater, if they're willing, you can experience twice the culinary adventures as you could by yourself. We shared the pulled pork sandwich pictured above, which was drenched in tangy North Carolina vinegar BBQ sauce and we both really enjoyed it. We also shared a smoked chicken salad sandwich. It's not pictured because it was terribly blurred and didn't do the sandwich justice, but I can tell you, the smoking of the the chicken before making it into salad is a great idea. The smoked meat gives such a depth of flavor to an otherwise ordinary sandwich.
North Carolina 2008 081
All in all, I had a great little vacation. Some fun times with family coupled with some yummy local eats really took the sting out of the sunburn I got on the first day on the beach.


  1. Peabody said...
    Oh I love Scotch Kisses(the marshmallow caramel thing)...I miss those. said...
    We just don't get good barbecue in Washington state. Your photos make me want to take a vacation just for a pork sandwich.
    Tanya said...
    ahh southern eats is where my heart is! sharing is the best!

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