Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warsaw Cafe

If you're in the mood for nostalgic German or Polish food in the Philadelphia area your best bet is going to be the Warsaw Cafe in Center City warsaw cafe (7)
Veal Wienerschnitzel is lightly breaded and sauteed, then served with a mushroom dill sauce and egg noodles. The breading was crispy and light, not oily, and very tender. But I felt the mushroom dill sauce was lacking a bit in flavor, or maybe it was right on, but there just wasn't enough of it to liven up the completely undressed noodles.
warsaw cafe (6)
Beef stroganoff was very good. Thinly sliced beef was sauteed with onions and mushrooms in a wine, dill and sour cream sauce. My mother makes the best beef stroganoff I've ever had the pleasure to eat, and while this version varies from hers, it was a contender in terms of flavor.
warsaw cafe (5)
The Transylvanian casserole was a big hit. Layers of ground veal, eggplant, spinach and cheese were covered with filo and topped with a light tomato sauce. Great flavor and texture combinations made this dish a reason to visit the Warsaw Cafe again.
warsaw cafe (4)
In my opinion it's okay to have just one vegetarian dish on a menu as long as it's a really good vegetarian dish. These eggplant cakes were excellent. Moist and garlicky on the inside, but crusty from a good pan sear on the outside, I would definitely order these tasty little cakes again.
warsaw cafe (12)
Three desserts were available that night and we couldn't make a decision, so we ordered all three. This chocolate cake was elevated beyond normal cake status with the addition of ground nuts.
warsaw cafe (11)
The raspberry tar was full of fresh sweet and sour raspberries encased in a buttery crust.
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My favorite dessert was the cheesecake. This version was super creamy and flavored with raisins, apricots, and a sugar crumb topping. I'd never had cheesecake with this combination of flavors and I absolutely loved it. I'm going to do a little recipe research to see if I can recreate it at home.

Delicious imported beer and wine, coupled with a small but cozy dining room and authentic food make the Warsaw Cafe a winner. Due to it's location on 16th street near the Kimmel Center it's the perfect place to go before a show. This also means the place can be jam packed on some nights so reservations are suggested.

Warsaw Cafe
305 South 16th Street
Philadelaphia, PA 19103
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  1. Taylor said...
    This place has been on our list for years, since the boy is of Polish decent, but the limited vegetarian options has kept us away. Is it worth us even trying?
    E said...
    Taylor - The eggplant cakes were the only veggie entree that night. However, they also have potato and sauerkraut pierogies for starters.
    giz said...
    I just found your blog - beautiful - I come from a community with a huge Polish/German population - haven't been back in ages and now I'm just lusting for a round of the old haunt restaurants.

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