Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PBE #3 Reminder

Only five days left to enter your most fantastic cake or cupcake recipe that involves everyone's favorite ingredient: Peanut Butter!


Submit your recipes, a photo, and the following information for an original cake or cupcake recipe involving copious amounts of peanut butter!


Send all this information along with your recipe and photo to by June 30th at 12(noon) Pacific Time. The Peanut Butter Boy and I will take on the arduous task of wading through the entries, imagining them in our mouths, and choosing at Top 3 to be featured prominently on each of our blogs.


  1. giz said...
    Looking forward to seeing the final roundup. It's easy to get creative with peanut butter in the cake/cupcake department - not to mention that you can't possibly screw it up. Well..maybe you can
    Glenna said...
    Can't wait to see the round up and am going to try to enter.
    Nick said...
    Hurry up people! We've only got 10 entries so far, I'm hoping for at least 10 more! And there is some stiff competition going on too. Oddly enough, a puddle of drool is forming on the floor next to my desk. I wonder if I could bottle and sell it as peanut butter flavored spring water?
    MsC said...
    I'll be entering! I am just a HUGE procrastinator. My recipes are all hashed out, and tomorrow, I bake!!

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