Saturday, June 14, 2008

Top Chef Finale & Pizza Cook-off

A few days ago was the finale of Top Chef Season 4. To celebrate, a few friends got together and we had a pizza cook-off. To save time and energy, I picked up a few balls of pre-made dough from Trader Joe's. It's a tasty crust and a total steal for just 99 cents a ball. Every participant was required to bring the rest of their toppings for their own use.

Pizza Mosaic 2

We had a few unusual and many delicious combinations. In the top row: Karlina's cold pizza with roasted red pepper cream cheese, freshly sauteed spinach and garlic. Carly's Chopped Cherry and Sun-dried Tomato pizza. In the middle row: Liz's World Fusion pizza with Italian hot sausage, Teriyaki sauce and feta cheese. Shannon's turkey red sauce pizza with fried capers and eggs. In the bottom row: E's red curry pizza with broccoli and red peppers. Shannon's Chicken Poblano and Coffee pizza.

They were all fun to try, but my favorite was Liz's World Fusion pizza. With a load of ingredients that sound as if they wouldn't go well together, it was the underdog of the night, but the biggest hit!


  1. Nick said...
    Hey, why wasn't I invited! I love eating 6 different types of pizza at once!
    Maggie said...
    Yum! The cherry/sundried tomato one sounds interesting.
    delicious chronicles said...
    smart idea.. nothing better than food to see food on tv =)

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