Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Urban Saloon

Totally starving on recent Saturday, Brittany and I decided to grab a quick bite to eat in the early afternoon. The collar was packed and I didn't want to eat at London Grill, so we ventured to the Urban Saloon. With a prime location on Fairmount Avenue in front Eastern State Penitentiary, the Urban Saloon is doing well in it's first year of business. I always have a hard time finding something to eat on their menu though. It's just burgers and other bar food, nothing too special. Their brunch menu is roughly the same small list, swapping in omelets and breakfast burritos for the salads and sandwiches. However, this breakfast burrito is totally banging.
urban saloon
Stuffed full of eggs, cheddar and bacon, then grilled in a panini press, the burrito comes out piping hot, melty and crunchy on the outside. Their egg mix could use a dash of hot sauce or pepper, but that's not a huge issue as they were generous with the side of hot sauce I requested. You also get a choice between a side salad and fries. I absolutely love the fries they serve at Urban Saloon, they're salty and super crunchy, so I ordered those. Not a healthy brunch in the least, but a delicious one!

Currently the Urban Saloon has no website, and Menupages Philadelphia doesn't seem to have an available menu, but as soon as they do, I'll provide a link.

Urban Saloon
2120 Fairmount Ave
Philadelphia PA 19130
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  1. giz said...
    Why would you give me the link when you can go down there, get me some of what you had, package it and send it to me for my eating pleasure. No? Oh well, I tried.

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