Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Drag Show Must Go On

As some of you may have heard, L&I found some critical violations at Bob & Babara's last week and they've had to shut down while repairs commence. Don't worry about your favorite Drag Queens, though. They'll be performing on Liberties Walk outside of A Full Plate Cafe and the unofficially opened Home Slice every Thursday night in August. A five dollar donation is encouraged. Speaking of Home Slice, the newest addition to Liberties Walk will be selling slices during all of the Drag Shows, so stop on by to be entertained visually and gastronomically.
Home Slice
Home Slice has both whole wheat and white crusts as well as traditional cheeses and a homemade vegan cheese made with almonds and herbs. Both are picture above along with with two attractive and charming fellows who work at Home Slice.


  1. Tom Aarons said...
    I can't imagine it's entirely welcome for the ... performers (?)... but what a wonderful summer idea. Footpath drag shows with gourmet pizza. That's great!
    The P & A Food Chronicles said...
    omg .. pizzzaaa!!

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