Thursday, September 25, 2008

My best girl friend Angela moved to Washington D.C. from Boston just under two years ago. I've slowly come around to liking D.C. a little bit more on every visit to hang out with her. A recent trip down brought us on a long walk through the city and to Larry's Ice Cream on Dupont Circle. Finding this gem may have sealed D.C. in my heart forever. larry's
Be careful not to walk right by the place, it's located below the Human Rights building, from the street you have to walk down the set of stairs to get in. Once inside you may be overwhelmed with the choices. Lots of unique flavors are present that you've probably never tried in ice cream form such as Lychee or Key West Chocolate. Small tastes are permitted, but the place is usually hopping so hurry up and get on with it.
D.C. with Natalie 129.jpg
I got a small sundae. Can you believe that's a small? I sampled a scoop of coffee and a scoop of Cleopatra covered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Hold the peanuts, please. The Cleopatra ice cream was out of this world! Dates and coconut were swirled into creamy lightly spiced ice cream. The perfect combination for me, because I love dates and coconut. No matter what you're craving, Larry's is sure to have something unique to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you down on a hot D.C. day or night.

Cash Only!

Larry's Homemade Ice Cream
1633 Connecticut Ave NW
(between N. 20th St & N Hillyer Pl)
Washington, DC 20009
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  1. Anonymous said...
    I grew up in Mayfair and left in 1987 to work in DC for 15 years...I remember this place when the Turk owned it. Think FISHTOWN...The Dupont Circle/Fruitloop area in DC is really overpriced, and not that good...the better buys for icecream are in Arlington at the Clarendon Metro Stop. Best Restuarant is in Alexandria off King Street--called CLYDE's.
    Anonymous said...
    Yeah the turk, I remember him. I don't hang out in Dupont anymore, it is expensive and much more corporate. But the turk, it use to be a joke that the sweetest ice cream was served by the most sour man. Think soup nazi from seinfeld. He was frightfully hilarious!
    Anonymous said...
    The Turk still owns Larry's and they make their own amazing cupcakes now! BTW it's not cash only anymore:)P.S. The Decadence is out of this world for any chocoholic;)

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