Friday, October 10, 2008

The Abbaye for Brunch

The Abbaye is an inconspicious gem in Northern Liberties. Serving delicious pub food with veggie friendly options until one in the morning every night of the week, it is a sure winner if you're like me and get hungry after a few drinks. Until recently, I'd never thought to try Brunch at The Abbaye, but Jillian said it was amongst her favorite places in the neighborhood when I was craving eggs, so off we went.

The menu is pretty diverse, classics are mixed with modern twists, and there is a nice balance of savory and sweet. Diners can choose from three types of eggs benedict and a plethora of ingredients to create your own omelet. Since it's the The Abbaye, there's a good selection of unique craft beer on tap as well as mimosa's and bloody mary's with a significant kick.
The Abbaye (1)
Tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese were a winning comibination in this fluffy omelet. Normally, I'm not much into breakfast potatoes. They're ususally just bland plate fillers. Not so at The Abbaye. These potatoes were lovingly prepared and cooked until crispy on the outside, which is essential in my opinion.
The Abbaye
The omelet was good, but the real winner was the Huevos Rancheros. The Abbaye makes their own impression on this class dish by swapping the corn tortillas for savory corn cakes. A healthy portion of homemade spicy beans, two runny eggs and fresh pico de gallo make this the perfect hangover cure and a delicious way to start the day. A bit too much sour cream topped it all off, but it was a decent trade off for the smiley face made from avocado.

If you've loved The Abbaye for pub food, good beer and game watching, make sure to venture there before three in the afternoon on the weekends to sample their delicious brunch options.

The Abbaye
637 N. Third Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
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  1. Lisa said...
    Sounds like a great place! Next time I am going to phila I will check out this blog first to get some tips on restaurants. We went to Fogo de Chau this week and I just blogged about it yesterday.
    In Pursuit of Ale said...
    that's funny...I always tell my boyfriend that breakfast potatoes do nothing for me too.

    cafe estelle has some nice ones.
    the abbaye also has/had great sausage and biscuits.
    Joe Roberts, CSW said...
    Now *those* are what I call food photos! Wow!

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