Thursday, October 16, 2008


Lots of folks have been praising the newest spot for scarfing down Indian food in Philadelphia. Ekta is located on Girard Avenue in Fishtown. Opened by the former head chef at Tiffin, Ekta is giving Tiffin a run for their money.

Ekta (1)

The interior of the place is not much to look at, but take out and delivery are both excellent alternative options to dining in.
Chicken Vindaloo is spicier than any we've had around the city, and a bit more generous with the portion of chicken. A small side of raita is a necessary and welcome accompaniment to the fiery gravy.
Ekta (2)
Lamb Rogan Josh is another score for Ekta. Some of the most tender pieces of lamb I've ever had were abundant in the thick flavorful sauce of corriander, cumin and yogurt.

At a buck or two cheaper than my reigning favorite, and with equivalent pick up and delivery service, I may find myself needing to split my affections between two very good Indian restaurants.

250 E. Girard Ave
(Girard & Marlborough)
Philadelphia, PA 19125
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  1. Lauren said...
    Hi E,

    Nice meeting you tonight. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Cate said...
    Mmmmm Ekta. Their Chicken Korma totally kicks Tiffin's ass :)

    (I miss you E!)
    Nick said...
    I need to visit Philly again, looks great e!

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