Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inside-Out S'mores

Yesterday was my friend Karlina's birthday. She's a good friend, a crazy good knitter, and a connoisseur of all things marshmallow. In honor of Karlina, and because her birthday coincided with the premier of Top Chef Season 5, we hosted a Top Chef/"Karlina's Favorite Things" party. I decided to combine a few of Karlina's favorite things in to one easy to transport and eat treat: An Inside-Out S'more, no campfire required.
Top Chef 5 premier party 018
Originally I wanted to smear marshmallow fluff between two graham crackers, but the store I visited in my haste didn't carry marshmallow fluff (travesty!) so I compromised by cutting regular Jet-Puff marshmallows in half.
Top Chef 5 premier party 019
This isn't so much a recipe as a technique. I used about 20 full graham cracker sheet and broke them into their smallest segments. In separating my graham crackers I accidentally crushed a few, but those broken pieces come in handy later, so don't worry. I melted one bag of milk chocolate chips and one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips together in the microwave and I was all set to start making candy. Using a brush, or the back of a spoon, spread chocolate on the graham quarters, place marshmallow halves side by side on the chocolate and top with another chocolate brushed graham cracker. The chocolate in this step acts a glue to keep the sandwiches together. I stuck my sandwiches in the fridge for about 20 minutes to firm up.
Top Chef 5 premier party 021
After a brief chill in the fridge you're ready to dip the sandwiches in the remaining chocolate. Make sure to work quickly and shake the excess chocolate off of your sandwiches. If you broke any graham crackers while separating the sheets like I did, you can crush them up into crumb and sprinkle some crumbs on top of the sandwiches once they've been dipped in chocolate. I also sprinkled some with mini chocolate chips. Just make sure to sprinkle the crumbs or mini chips on the sandwiches before the chocolate coating has started to dry, otherwise they won't stick.
Top Chef 5 premier party 025
I used a package and half of graham crackers, 25 marshmallows and 2 bags of chocolate chips and yielded just over 2 dozen of these inside-out decadent treats.
Top Chef 5 premier party 067
When you bite into one the chocolate and graham crackers snap against your teeth before you're hit with the soft pillowiness of the marshmallow center.


  1. John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...
    Oh my, those look yummy! Thanks for listing us, BTW. - John
    frieswiththatshake said...
    These look amazing. Thanks for linking to us as well!
    The Peanut Butter Boy said...
    These look like smores squared...They remind me of some incredible cookies my great aunt used to me, with graham crackers, melted chocolate and toffee...I really need to find that recipe.

    ps - we need another PBE soon if you're down.
    Karlina said...
    Thanks for the smores Marge, you are an amazing woman! I am eating the leftovers right now.. mmmmmmmmmm
    Lisa said...
    Now this looks like heaven!
    j-me said...
    i'm totally making those. VERY SOON!
    raquel said...
    yummy! i have to try these!!!!
    Anonymous said...
    wow! we are so going t try these!!!

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