Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top Chef Season 5: New York

Top Chef: Season 5 preimers tonight on Bravo! My closest friends and I are gathering together to watch the opening episode. Because it's Karlina's birthday, we decided to celebrate Top Chef premier night with a potluck around the theme "Karlina's Favorite Things"

Tune in tonight to watch the first episode of what is sure to be a great season, even if it is in New York, again. (What's up with that anyway? Philly is right next door and a cutting edge gastronomic center, show us some love Bravo!)

*Update: Top Chef never held a whole season in NY. I'm just bitter and ranting.

In the hours before the premier, check out Bravo's website for complete information on past seasons and read contestant bios for the current season.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hi there! Love your blog :-)

    I can't wait to watch Top Chef tonight either- but, I did want to comment/ask: when did they do Top Chef in NYC before? I know they did a "finale" in NYC before (at the end of the Miami season), but I don't think they've done a season in NYC before...?
    Anonymous said...
    - Sorry, not a "finale" but I think they were in NYC for part of the season before...
    E said...

    You are totally correct. I guess I wanted it to be held in Philly so badly I made up that piece of information. I suppose I confused the "pre finale" portion of last sesason with an entire season being held in NY.

    Either way, it should defnitely be here in Philadelphia so I can have the chance to glimpse some Top Chef action in person!

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