Monday, December 01, 2008

Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Leftovers

This year's Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. I ate almost everything on my plate (needed to save room for dessert!) and even though I had a house full of people for dinner, I still had a fridge full of food after they all left.
Thanksgiving, 2008 016
I grew up with a mom who was an excellent home cook, she has a small arsenal of recipes that she's repeated over the years to use up Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Turkey Tetrazzini was always a favorite of mine, while I clearly remember my father and brother preferring the leftover turkey straight out of the fridge or on a sandwich. But sometimes deviating from tradition is fun, and discovering new ways to use what may seem mundane after days of the same ingredients is a challenge I like.

I recently posted about a new twist for using your Thanksgiving leftovers, and tonight I'm planning on making Turkey & Dumpling soup, but lots of other creative ideas are floating around the web. Here are a few of the most unique ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.

Thanksgiving Pizza Pie from I'll Have Another Stout

Stuffing Frittata from My Last Bite

Double Chocolate Mashed Potato Brownies from Cookie Madness

How are you using your leftovers?

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  1. Gina Louise said...
    I made turkey pot pie tonight with a white wine sauce. It was delicious!

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