Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caterpillar Cake

I'm lucky enough to work twice a week as the baker/dessert-maker at A Full Plate Cafe, which, in addition to their unique southern comfort food menu, also does amazing catering. Occasionally a job will require a cake or special dessert which falls under my responsibility. A nice woman came into the cafe a few weeks ago inquiring about whether I could make a cake in the likeness of a caterpillar from Baby Einstein for her daughter's first birthday party. I looked up an image and decided that with the addition of a few new supplies to my kitchen I could totally make an awesome caterpillar cake, so I did.
caterpillar (2)
I think it rocks. But I couldn't have done it without a few things. I acquired (5) 6X2 inch Decorator Preferred Round cake pans which I used to make the body of the caterpillar. I made each section of the caterpillar with two cakes and filled them with Avocado Icing or Cream Cheese Icing depending upon the cake flavor. I made three sections of Maple Butternut Squash cake and one each of chocolate and vanilla.

I achieved the vivid frosting colors using Wilton gel icing colors in Lemon Yellow, Royal Blue, Violet, Rose and Moss Green.

The entire cake is edible, save for the large cutting board upon which I built the cake and the lollipop sticks. The "dirt" is chocolate frosting, and all the facial decorations came from The Little Candy Shoppe on Liberties Walk.

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  1. frieswiththatshake said...
    That turned out so great and I love the sound of the cake and icing flavors!

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