Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sushi is one of those cuisines that people obsess about. At first I thought it was a way for individuals to appear trendy in front of their friends and co-workers, but constantly talking about and eating sushi might be more like an addiction for some. On top of that, there are over 90 sushi restaurants in the Philadelphia area, this gives major fuel to the debate over which restaurant has the BEST sushi in Philly. This is a not a review of the BEST sushi restaurant in Philadelphia, I wouldn't dream of trying to convince a sushi-head to go and try anything other than their favorite spot for fear of the backlash. What follows is a review of a nice, quiet, clean, place to get fresh sushi that hasn't let me down upon repeat visits and I suggest you try it next time you're craving sushi without all the fuss of one of the bigger names. Uzu is a small BYOB serving up delicious sushi and Japanese fare.
Uzu (1)
Steamed gyoza dumplings are a traditional starter, filled with seasoned vegetables and shrimp, they're little pockets of scallion flavored dough that just scream for a dip in soy before landing lightly on your tongue.
Uzu (5)
The most important aspect of good sushi is the freshness of the products that go into making it, that's not a secret. Lots of places prep their veggies and fish too early and use them all day long, not the case at Uzu. Everything included in your rolls is prepared the moment after you order it, and served to your immediately upon it's completion. To top it all off, the prices are a good 10% to 15% less than you'd pay at some of the bigger, more well known Japanese restaurants, so go ahead and order a nice variety, you won't be sorry.
Uzu (4)
Even friends who aren't so into the sushi scene can still find appetizing choices on the menu. This simple dish of chicken teriyaki and asparagus is given a special twist with the arrangement of the food on the plate. Not sure how much a non-fish eater appreciates her chicken breast formed into the shape of a fish, but I found it adorable, and tasty.
104 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
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  1. frieswiththatshake said...
    Oh man I was totally craving sushi today. Now I know where to go!

    Dawn said...
    hubby & I are soooo going there on our next trip back to his parents house in philly.
    I love sushi so much and living on cape cod, there is nothing. you would think there would be a ton since we are, umm on the ocean?

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