Monday, February 02, 2009

Quaker True Delights

Amongst the many cool features of Foodbuzz, I've recently signed up as a Tastemaker, receiving products in the mail for review before they hit the market. Recently, Foodbuzz and Quaker partnered up and I was able to sample their new line of True Delights bars. Quaker thinks these stand apart from other granola bars on the market because they're made with a 'luxuriously delicious' mix of real fruit, whole nuts, and dark chocolate. For the most part, I have to agree, these bars are different and better than most granola bars on the market. I sampled all three varieties and would consider buying at least two of them in the store if I were to see them.
Quaker True Delights Bars
Each bar contains 140 calories and gets 40% of it's calories from fat, but with the high proportion of nuts to grains in the bars, a substantial amount of fat should be expected. They have significant protein and fiber content and can easily be toted to work as part of breakfast on the go or for a snack in the afternoon.
Quaker True Delights Banana Coconut
My favorite variety was the Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut. It was loaded with macadamia nuts, real banana chips and huge slivers of tender coconut. I definitely fall into the camp of coconut lovers, but those who don't probably won't enjoy this bar because the flavor of coconut is pronounced.
Quaker True Delights Cashew & Mixed Berry
I also enjoyed the Honey Roasted Cashew and Mixed Berry bar. Cranberries and cherries grace this nutty bar with a necessary sweet-tartness. The bars come in a third variety, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond, but I was less impressed with this variety because of the lack of chocolate on my bars. Only 2 chips for an entire granola bar is not enough. I'm sure this is within a reasonable realm of variation for mass production, so if you love the idea of this variety, you may have more luck with the chocolate ratio.

You can also try a Free Sample of Quaker True Delights granola bars by visiting the Quaker True Delights website.


  1. Melody said...
    I was outside of Reading Terminal Market today and folks were giving out free samples of these bars! I got so excited, I said that my friend has a food blog and I read a good review of these on her blog, so they gave me extras :) Haven't eaten one yet, but am looking foward to it.
    Anonymous said...
    i want to try yummy

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