Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Burger Club Philadelphia

My friend and running buddy, Jess, aka The Burger Baroness from Fries with that Shake, started up a great foodie group a while ago called Burger Club Philadelphia. The goal is simple, find the best burger in Philadelphia. The method is genius, meet up with other burger aficionados at some of the areas most well known burger establishments and consume with abandon.

The flagship meeting took place at The Good Dog. Tonight is the second get-together and I will be in attendance, ready to scarf down a double with cheese at Five Guys (1527 Chestnut Street).

Those of you with an appetite for a burger should come out to meet and eat with us tonight at 7pm!


  1. donal.h said...
    That is a genius excuse to eat a good burger.
    Bill said...
    Awesome. As if I need an excuse to eat a good burger. The phrase "I'm doing it in the name of science comes to mind."

    I'm going to join right now.
    Anonymous said...
    You guys should try Slack's Hoagie Shack, they have a great fresh burger. 2499 arming avenue

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