Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I rarely get a craving for a big juicy burger, but when I do, it's an insatiable kind of thing. Luckily, when the mood does strike, one of the best and freshest burgers available in Philadelphia is just about a mile walk from my house. The walk there and back is the perfect justification for scarfing one of these burgers and sharing an order of their killer hand-cut, skin-on, french fries.
Everything at Sketch is made fresh. The burgers are hand formed and never frozen. You can choose from the classic beef burger, the leaner bison, or the homemade veggie burger. (If you're feeling luxurious you can even upgrade to a Kobe beef burger!) On top of that you can get your choice of cheese (I'm partial to the horseradish cheddar) and a variety of sauces (I recommend the harissa aoili) and you can even add thick-cut applewood bacon. Burgers are cooked to order and are spot on in terms of doneness.
Sketch (4)
When Sketch first opened, they didn't serve the delicious french fries pictured above, instead they were serving burgers in paper boats perched atop a mound of cheese doodles. Cute and kitsch, but apparently not what Philadelphians wanted with their burgers. The ladies of Sketch listened and re-vamped and now they serve incredible hand-cut seasoned french fries instead of the retro cheese puff. This particular basket was served with a side of wasabi dipping sauce, which was thick and rich (and vegan) while delivering a nice kick along side the fried potato goodness.
Sketch (1)
I've always been too stuffed after a burger to indulge in one of their milkshakes, but every trusted source I know who has tried one has loved it. One of these days I may get an insatiable milkshake craving and I know just where to go to satiate it.

413 East Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125
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  1. Mark Schoneveld said...
    Been meaning to try out Sketch for a while now. Glad you previewed it for me! :)
    dan said...
    Yeah, absolutely incredible food. The milkshakes are the best I've had in the neighborhood. Also, the review neglected to mention that you can also "kick it up" and get an "American Kobe" beef burger.
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    Anonymous said...
    Sketch's burgers have been consistently undercooked and are have been the cause of several spells of diarrhea for my self and my friends. I'm glad they finally switched to fries from cheese puffs. Even if you can convince them to cook your meat thoroughly for the location and quality the burgers are too expensive...
    hawk krall said...
    those burgers look great! I'll have to make a trip up north..

    I've eaten plenty of rare burgers without getting sick. Some people are just afraid of food I guess.
    Lindsey said...
    The quality of the burger, the SIZE of the burger and the topping selection is well worth the price tag, nevermind the super gracious waitstaff. Owners Megan and Phyllis opened up their restaurant to Empowerment Group's Women Entrepreneurs' Circle, and there was not a disappointed stomach in the room. Check out a quick Q&A with the owner at:

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