Thursday, May 28, 2009

Root Liqueur

Coming this June to PLCB stores in the Philadelphia area is Root Liqueur. The folks that brought us the deliciously smooth Hendrick's Gin and Sailor Jerry Rum, have created a totally new, 100% organic spirit.
Root 038
Root was created for the Art in the Age brand and based on an early Native American recipe for Root Tea. Made with herbs, citrus, spices and pure cane sugar, Root is unlike any liqueur you've had before, but remarkably familiar due to it's similarities to Birch Beer and Root Beer.
Root 026
I was lucky enough to attend a tasting of Root at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction down on 3rd street in Old City. Nicholas, an extremely skilled bartender who lends his talents to Apothecary Lounge, was behind the make-shift bar mixing up his original cocktail recipes created with Root.
Root 028
With a complex profile of anise, birch, vanilla, citrus and pepper, Root mixes up best with a light spirits or dark beer. But can also be enjoyed neat, or with a single ice cube to release the rich and smoky flavors. My favorite cocktail of the evening was Root & Birch, a good pour of Root Liqueur and Pennsylvania birch beer over ice.
Root Mosaic
Because of the aromatic nature of Root, it has endless possibilities outside of the glass and in your baked goods. On hand were a delicious Shoo Fly Pie made with Root as well as a quick bread baked up with Root-soaked fruit. My guest for the night, Kitchenplay, and I quickly thought of a handful of ways we'd like to use Root when it hits the market: added to a quick chocolate sauce, mixed with powdered sugar for a quick bundt cake glaze, or even as a background flavor in a batch of chocolate truffles!

For more information on this awesome new spirit about to hit Philadelphia liquor stores next week, visit Art in the Age.

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