Thursday, June 25, 2009

Homemade Margaritas

The sun is finally peeking out behind all the dreary clouds that have become familiar decoration in Philly. Since it's now officially the third day of summer, what better time to make a summery cocktail to really put us all in the mood.
margarita mix
I'm a big fan of margaritas. You can regularly find me at either El Camino Real or Cantina Dos Segundos (the two margarita slinging establishments closest to my home) enjoying a tequila laced lime beverage. Sometimes I don't want to go out, sometimes I'd rather cook at home and enjoy a homemade margarita on my deck. Good thing these drinks are easy to make and require very few ingredients all of which I normally have on hand in my kitchen. Fresh citrus is key. I like to use a ratio of 2/3 lime juice to 1/3 lemon juice, a little artificial sweetner or agave syrup (give me a break, I've got The Sugar!) and the best tequila I can afford. I know I know, traditional 'ritas don't use lemon juice, but the juice yield from a lemon is like 4 times the juice yield from a lime, and I don't think it impacts the flavor much at all, as an added bonus it saves me the time squeezing limes. I'm also well aware that orange liqueur is a traditional addition to this classic drink, but unfortunately my sweetheart is allergic to oranges, and I don't keep them or liqueurs derived from them in the house. Feel free to modify the recipe below to include Triple Sec or Ciontreau if you like.
margarita mix (1)
Grating a little lime or lemon zest into the juice will give your cocktail serious pucker power, so if you like it sour, don't forget to zest!

Add ice to a cocktail shaker, add 2 parts lemon/lime juice, a 1/2 part sweetener of your choice(you can add 2 teaspoons of sugar or sugar syrup, or 1 teaspoon of honey or agave nectar). Finally, add one part good quality Tequila and shake until frothy. Pour mix over an ice filled glass and garnish with a lime wedge.
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    Cointreau is and orange liquour too. Just FYI

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