Friday, July 24, 2009


By now, everyone in the Philadelphia region should have heard something about PYT. The guy in charge is a PR master, so he created quite a stir over the opening of his burger lounge in the Piazza at Schmidt's. Seeing as how they've been closed this week to learn the new computer system and are re-opening tonight, I decided to wait to post about PYT until the massive flurry of activity was over and the establishment was closer to being open on the permanent basis. Whether they re-open tonight or tomorrow is up for debate, but one thing is for sure, when you go put a burger in your mouth!
With a slew of burger joints opening during the first few months of summer, I sorta expected PYT's burger to be just another pub burger. I was wrong. The PYT burger is a thing of beauty. The patty itself is not overwhelming in size, it's just big enough to cover the bun and just thick enough to ensure the chef can cook it to customer order.
Covered with melted cheddar, onion, tomato, shredded romaine, crispy bacon and PYT onion sauce, this burger was a flavor explosion. A bit on the salty side, but I have to admit, I like salty. The menu said the kettle-cooked chips would come on top of the burger, but ours fell to the side.
Fries are fresh cut, skin-on, which is the quickest way to french fry success in my opinion. I wish they'd just put a squeeze bottle of ketchup on the table at a place like this instead of doling out the ketchup in little shot glasses. I'm a ketchup junkie and dislike having to beg the server for more. But in the grand scheme of things, that's small potatoes and might change as PYT finds itself in full swing after this weekend.
Onion rings have a bit too much batter, but the batter is delicious. The crust itself is well-seasoned (speculation occurred as to the contents, my guess is a quick shake of powdered onion and garlic) and the onions are steamed to perfection inside the thick coating.


You're going to need to wash that burger and fries down with something, so I suggest the Jon Valdez Adult Milkshake. Intense coffee ice cream is blended up with Kahlua and Patron XO and served in a pint glass, covered with whipped cream and a single cherry on top. It's like all my diabetic nightmares converging in one glass and it is delicious. Thank god I had a friend sitting a table away who I was able to convince to take the milkshake away from me after I'd quickly sucked down half of it. Not only was I in danger of an ice cream headache because it was so thick and cold, but I was probably near the borderline of sugar shock.

With a location like they have and a menu that pleads with your inner glutton, PYT is sure to make a million dollars. If they stay open late (Tommy said they'd be serving food until 1am most nights) there is absolutely no reason they won't be a popular desination in The Piazza at Schmidt's.

1050 N. Hancock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
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  1. Marisa said...
    I was quite delighted to be the recipient of your excess milkshake. Man, that thing was good. I feel happy just thinking about it!
    Brittany said...
    Yeah Local 44 in West Philly does the same thing with ketchup and sauces in those tiny metal containers. I feel bad asking for extra
    Anonymous said...
    i humbly disagree with your assessment. the size of the burger, albeit small considering the price, was not the problem. the flavor, dominated by both an excess of salt and pepper (also overcooked), was the problem. and being that i grew up in the philadelphia area, i am also not easily impressed by a martin's potato roll. as for toppings, well, i would expect that with the moniker p.y.t., or pick your toppings, this place would have more offerings -- especially more than one variety of cheese. if you are looking for atmosphere, then maybe this is your place. but if you are looking for a quality burger, there are plenty of better options nearby (standard tap, swift half, sketch, to name a few). given all of the hype, i expected more.
    .7728. said...
    I just made it to PYT for the first time. On a Saturday night, the atmosphere was interesting. Loud and boisterous, w/ a room of dancers visible from the outside seats. Which was kind of hilarious. Loved the adult milkshake; I got the one w/ jimmies. We also ordered fries and onion rings, and I thought both were delicious. The batter used on the rings was kind of like tempura. The three ppl w/ me ordered the burgers. I got the burger made from white beans and it was incredible. My husband loved my sandwich too...actually better than his burger.

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