Monday, July 06, 2009

The Regulars by Sarah Stolfa

McGlinchey's Tavern is an institution in Philadelphia. Nearly everyone I know has a story, memory or nightmare that involves the cantankerous words of the bartender or the hot dogs from McGlinchey's. I was excited to hear of a new book by local photographer and McGlinchey's bartender, Sarah Stolfa.
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Stolfa is a Drexel educated artist who began tending bar to make some cash, and found a bar full of regulars that became the subjects of her artistic vision. If you've ever been in for a drink, you already know that McGlinchey's is a cheap, dirty and cool bar that welcomes individuals from all walks of life with the same surly look. Stolfa manages to capture some of The Regulars and their (mostly) dour looks in her book of portraits. If you're a fan of Stolfa's or McGlinchey's and you'd like the opportunity to win a copy of The Regulars, please leave a message in the comments section with your favorite memory of McGlinchey's. Make sure to leave your comment before Friday, July 10th at noon (EST) to be included in the drawing for a copy of Sarah Stolfa's, The Regulars.

Alternatively, you can buy The Regulars online at

McGlinchey's Bar & Grille
259 S. 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
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  1. Anonymous said...
    cramped, miserable, super entitled and too cool for school... Mcglinchey's is everything I hate about philly.

    The worst!!
    Felicia D'Ambrosio said...
    Really funny writeup E! I love your analysis:

    "you already know that McGlinchey's is a cheap, dirty and cool bar that welcomes individuals from all walks of life with the same surly look."

    Absolutely perfect. And to Anonymous, no need for to go to the Glinch if you hate it. It's a Philadelphia institution and attytood is part of the charm.
    burgerbaroness said...
    Love this post and I would love to read this. Only been to McGlinchey's once but I love all my friends stories about their experiences there.
    Rob S. said...
    Memory - wandering in around 10 p.m. after working 12 hours, watching the last innings of a Phillies game, while drinking the cheapest good beer in Center City. This became a nice routine until my night job moved away from 15th St.
    Steeltahn said...
    I've been to McGlinchey's quite a few times during my tenure as a poor graduate student here in Philly... best for cheap beer and dogs. Memory: bursting in in celebratory elation from the not-quite-worthy-to-be-mentioned-in-the-same-post Fox and the Hound after the mighty Steelers won Super Bowl XL, only to be reminded that the present company didn't give a s***. Great spot.
    e said...
    Congratulations Rob S. Burgerbaroness and Steeltahn, you've all won copies of The Regulars. Please send me your mailing address to halene(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll pass them on to the publisher who will send you your copy of The Regulars directly.

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