Friday, October 02, 2009

My good friend Jess of Fries With That Shake is hosting a terrific event as part of the 215Festival, a Food Blogger Brunch at National Mechanics. The 215Festival is a celebration of words, whether spoken or written, so the Food Blogger Brunch will focus on discussion about popular words used in writing about food and I imagine a little bit on the process of writing about delectable and not so delectable things we eat.

Along with Jess and me, some great bloggers are part of the panel:

Taylor from Mac and Cheese
Collin from Phoodie
Drew from Meal Ticket
Ben from Unbreaded
Robyn from A Hamburger Today, and
The Girl Who Ate Everything

Anyone is invited to attend, so if you love brunch or food blogs, or both, this is totally the event for you. Also here's three words to get you down to National Mechanics: Bloody Mary Bar.

See you there, 11am - 2pm, this Sunday October 4th.

National Mechanics
22 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 701-4883

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  1. Madame Fromage said...
    I enjoyed seeing you at the brunch and was sorry I had to leave before I could introduce myself. I have eaten many, many slices of your Elvis cake. I love it. You rock! I also loved the vanilla cream and blackberry cake you made a few weeks back.

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