Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Green Aisle Grocery

Hey! You've probably heard by now about Green Aisle Grocery, a specialty grocery store lighting up East Passyunk with it's selection of locally prepared goods. Green Aisle Grocery is the labor of love of Adam and Andrew Erace.

They've gotten some great press in the local papers and most recently Green Aisle was the recipient of the 2009 Phoodie award for Best New Business. Congratulations! I've been lucky enough to have some of Baker E's products on the shelves in Green Aisle since they opened in November, so I figured it was about time to couple some shameless self-promotion with some legitimate promotion of this very cool grocery store.
Green Aisle Grocery (5)
The store may be small, but the space is packed to the gills with goodies you didn't even know you needed! If you live in the vicinity, Green Aisle is definitely the kind of place to go when you don't know what you want for dinner, but you're hungry and feel like cooking. Various types of lentils, rice, quinoa and other grains are available as well as cans of imported San Marzano tomatoes, convenient tubes of tomato paste, handcrafted pastas, and most recently tubs of Ekta Indian take-out!
Green Aisle Grocery (10)
Refrigerated products include an incredible dairy selection. Everything from half and half to raw milk is available for you to try at home. Vegan soups and cheeses, tempeh, soups from Cafe con Chocolate, Indian simmer sauces, yogurt, orange juice, fresh herbs and even edible flowers have graced the shelves of this grocery case.
Green Aisle Grocery (7)
Produce will rotate, as it should, depending on the season.
Green Aisle Grocery (8)
This fall I've noticed a selection of locally grown apples and pears, with some Myer lemon and lime imports.
Green Aisle Grocery (12)
Cocktail afficianados will go weak in the knees for the selection of alcohol accroutement, such as this collection of Fee Brothers Bitters.
Green Aisle Grocery (13)
Not many neighborhood groceries make a habit of carrying rose water or orange flower water, but products like this, as well as Pub & Kitchen's BBQ sauce, Zahav's hummus, and Johnson's caramel corn make Green Aisle Grocery a special place to shop.

There is no denying that part of my affection for Green Aisle comes from the fact that they carry a selection of Baker E's jams, curds, cookies and whoopie pies! If you haven't had the pleasure of trying a homemade whoopie pie you should run to Green Aisle right now and buy one, it's a delicious snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth for just $3!

Green Aisle Grocery
1618 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19148


  1. John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...
    Nice store. need one of those down here in Ocean County. Can you put in a good word to the Brothers Erace? ;) - John
    All Recipes said...
    Now that's a grocery :D
    jayleah said...
    this place is right by my house...and i have totally bought your lemon whoopie pies and chocolate chip cookies there!

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