Monday, April 19, 2010

I've lived in Philly for over 7 years now and just recently made my first trip to Atlantic City. I know, I know, why did I waste so much time? As a friend put it, "What's next? You're going to tell us you've never been to Pat's or Geno's?"

My only defense is that I'm glad I waited to visit Atlantic City until I was invited by the good folks at The Borgata. I had a stellar time, and have not had a day off since the gluttonous Saturday I spent tasting dishes from each and every one of the restaurants housed in The Borgata. Needless to say, I'm remembering my experience there very fondly and I'm excited to return.
So aside from being driven to AC in style by a delightful driver named Francis, the room I stayed in at The Water Club was totally luxurious and beyond any expectation I may have had. A king sized bed, a TV that knew my name, a view of Trump Marina and a shower that rains down on you from the ceiling were just a few of the many touches that made me feel like a queen for the weekend.
After arrival and check-in, I was feeling a little peckish, so I ducked into The Sunroom, conveniently located by the front desk for a little snack and a drink.
The cheese plate was overflowing with cheese and some of the most luscious pitted dates I've ever eaten. Along with toasted bread, the cheese plate came with a delightful apple pastry, I assumed to be eaten the dark yellow aged cheese in the center of the plate. It was the perfect kick-off to the eating binge that was to follow in the evening as well as the next day.
Pretty soon it was time for dinner! And what a dinner it was at The Old Homestead Steakhouse where there was a big celebration as the restaurant served it's 1,000,000th customer! That is really quite a thing for a casino that hasn't been open for decades. As the one-millionth customer, Eric Schepp will receive dinner for two at the restaurant once a year for life from owners Greg and Mark Sherry. What a lucky guy! I hope he gambled a little bit after dinner to see if his lucky streak held!
We were treated to a delicious dinner with some of The Old Homestead's most popular menu items. I especially enjoyed the lump crab cake and the mapled pork belly.
During the fish course, we had a VIP guest who shared a very nice scotch with us. By the end of dinner I was stuffed and drunk, exactly how I wish every meal ended!

The Water Club at The Borgata is a separate hotel from the original Borgata Hotel and Casino, but it's just a short walk away from all the shopping, dining and gambling that The Borgata has to offer to guests. Stay tuned for another post devoted entirely to drinking and dining at all of the restaurants inside The Borgata.

The Water Club Hotel


  1. donal.h said...
    That scotch...
    scargosun said...
    I might have to go now. Never been to AC...never and I grew up here. I am EXTREMELY jealous of the scotch.
    albert said...
    there you go again, posting a photo of that 1952 Macallan. grumble grumble.
    baby cribs said...
    The place looks so beautiful and the menu looks good, too!
    tasteofbeirut said...
    Nice prize indeed! and just for being there at the right time!
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