Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Cake: Arnold Palmer

After a friend and I indugled in a little too much FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka, we brainstormed the delicious idea to work some of that tasty liquor into a cake for A Full Plate.

Behold, the Arnold Palmer! Dense and moist lemon bundt cake is spiked with sweet tea vodka and then glazed with a lemon/sweet tea vodka glaze.

Come and get some at A Full Plate Cafe. This cake seems to be taking off, so look for it throughout the summer.


  1. Chef Dennis said...
    now that sounds really good!!! I love sweet tea vodka mixed with raspberry lemonade...yummm
    Charlie Hill said...
    This cake sounds delicious. But where's the recipe???
    Madame Fromage said...
    I can't wait to come in and try this, E! Looks amazing.

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