Monday, September 13, 2010

The Next Step

This post marks a huge turning point in my life and my writing here on Foodaphilia. It's a really exciting and busy time for me as I'm buying my own bakery!


October 1st, I will be the owner of The Flying Monkey Patisserie located in the famous Reading Terminal Market. I'm changing up the menu and bringing in my recipes, whoopie pies and my signature cakes that have been made popular at A Full Plate Cafe.

This blog has been a huge part of my life for the past five years, and helped to solidify the idea that I needed to devote my life to my culinary talents. Foodaphilia started with the need to write about something fun and relieve some of the pressure and stress associated with my academic life. After leaving school last summer, and immersing myself completely in the business of making a living from food related endeavors, I found myself having so little time, that posts here became rare.

From now on Foodaphilia is a site devoted to the business of baking full-time. The archives will remain for you to enjoy, but I will no longer review restaurants or do any product reviews or endorsements. I hope you continue reading and I really hope to see you at The Flying Monkey for a sweet treat sometime soon!

Thanks for being part of this ride,