Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpple Cake on Today!

So a few days ago my friend Shane and I drove to New York with a few 15 pound cakes in my trunk. We brought them to NBC studios for an appearance on The Today Show. Please check out the clip below as well as the accompanying story.

Slice of Pumpple Cake are available most days at the Flying Monkey in Reading Terminal Market. Slices from our 9 inch cake are $8 and feed 3-4. A whole cake can be ordered with 72 hours advance notice for $75 and feeds more than 40. Sorry, we can not ship the Pumpple Cake.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pumpple Cake

I want to share something amazing with all of you. The Pumpple cake. Apple and pumpkin pies are baked inside layers of chocolate and vanilla cake! Vanilla buttercream holds the whole thing together.

It's taller than it is in diameter and every inch is packed with love. We make the pie crust from scratch with only real butter, peel and prep the apples and mix up the pumpkin with sugar and spices. Our signature chocolate and vanilla cakes bake up around the pies making each layer one cohesive unit of awesome.

If you've heard of or tried turducken, here is the dessert equivalent. At The Flying Monkey in Reading Terminal Market, we think this cake is going to be the highlight of our entire autumn. Please visit us for a slice or to place an order for a whole cake. We're open M-Saturday 8 to 6pm and Sundays 9 to 5pm.