Tuesday, January 18, 2011


As of October 1st, The Flying Monkey is under new ownership.

The location and the name are the same, but all the sweets have undergone a major flavor overhaul. All of the recipes are new and much improved! Fresh and seasonal ingredients are now the star of the show. We make delicious whoopie pies, cupcakes and cakes in a variety of fun and seasonal flavors. Additionally, we have a creative array of brownies, blondies and bars.

One of the major innovations of the new ownership is our Pumpple Cake. We started making this big beautiful hybrid cake/pie in early October, just a week or so after I took over and we've been selling out daily ever since. The national press has been all over the Pumpple cake. Our cake/pie hybrid has made television appearances on NBC's Today Show, Food Network's Outrageous Food and The Rachael Ray Show. We're honored to receive the press and are glad so many folks have come down to the bakery for a slice since seeing our mammoth confection on TV.

We hope to keep this blog updated with new items we have available at the Flying Monkey as well as news and updates about our infamous Pumpple Cake.

If you've had a not so great experience in the past with The Flying Monkey we urge you to try us again. It's a completely different bakery than you've seen in years past. We're sure you'll love the new versions of our goodies as much as we do.

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  1. Alison said...
    What a cake! I've heard about it and have been meaning to try it out.
    EJA said...
    I feel the need to give a shout out to two products that went unmentioned in this entry: your brown sugar eddy pies are heavenly and addictive! And I also think your peanut butter truffles and your butterscotch truffles in particular are superb. I'm hungry now just thinking about them....
    'trish said...
    When this story hit MSNBC my friends and I tried to do our own version. Yours looks so much more attractive, guess we should leave it to the pros.

    Thank you for inspiring a really fun afternoon in the kitchen!

    'trish said...
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