Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lunches at Reading Terminal Market

I have a terrible problem every time I fail to bring my lunch to work, where should I eat? I know that I'm spoiled rotten working in Reading Terminal Market with so many great choices for lunch, but it's a hard decision unless I have a particular taste for something specific.

I hope to find the time to do a series of posts, (not reviews!) about my lunch experiences working in one of the greatest public markets in the country. All of the merchants at Reading Terminal Market are my colleagues and friends and therefore what I have to say here about their offerings should be considered nothing more than me singing the praises of my fellow merchants.

So, amongst all the choices, who is first? The new kid on the block before I was the new kid on the block, Beck's Cajun Cafe.

Bill Beck is the chef/owner of this popular Cajun eatery just one aisle off of center court. A few vegetarian options are available every day, but this place is really for those who get excited about meat (Alligator Sausage!!) Beck's also does a great job of honoring traditional recipes while infusing creative twists.

Behold, the Trainwreck:
Beck's Train Wreck
The po'boys are great, but if Beck's has a signature sandwich, the Trainwreck is it. It's a cheesesteak with the addition of Andouille sausage, salami, cheese, onions and some of their homemade Creole mayonnaise.

Three of us split this for lunch one day and couldn't finish it despite the fact it was delicious, it's just that big.

Other Order Worthy Menu Items: Bread Pudding with Pears and Whiskey Sauce, Shrimp Po'boy, Muffaletta, Alligator Gumbo, Any of the Breakfast options


  1. donal.h said...
    That picture makes me want to form a religion around that sandwich.
    e said...
    Donal, you would love it. It's a cheesesteak that actually tastes like something and that something is spicy and sausagey. We'll eat here next time you visit!
    Anonymous said...
    I wonder where the inspiration came from for these popular items.... a man dedicated to food... someone very creative who loves cooking..hmmm..
    Ocean Frieght said...
    Wow. Looks very delicious to eat.. I like this one.. I want to try this one..
    Amber said...
    I am a 110 pound girl with a 130 pound boyfriend and we have split this sandwich evenly more than once (and eaten it in its entirety). Oh, and then had room for a truffle and a mint brownie from The Flying Monkey. 'Merica.

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